Friday, April 11, 2014

Frosted And Tumbled

Having been a very keen 'sea-glass' collector for the past few years now,
I really get excited about finding cobalt blue glass that has been tumbled by the sea.

In fact, it was this colour that got me hooked about five years ago at this very beach.
It was a beautiful, hot summer day as I was sauntering
 down the beach at the water's edge.
I was looking down and just ahead I saw something blue and wet in the sand.

It was perfectly 'frosted' with no edges and a beautiful colour.

So, I got into the habit, as many others do, to add to somebody else's
delight in finding sea-glass by throwing coloured bottles into the ocean,
much like the one above which was a vitamin bottle.

'You throw glass bottles into the water at a beach which people use', I heard you ask?
Yes I do.
But I don't in the summer for obvious reasons. By the time this water is 'warm' enough
for people to use, this bottle will be tumbled to death by the very strong
north Atlantic currents that rip up and down these beaches all year long.

And it is my hope that some day in the future someone will be
walking down the beach on a beautiful summer afternoon
and see part of this cobalt blue glass bottle
that has been perfectly tumbled just for them.

This is the piece that got me started.
I couldn't get a very good photo of it
but I hope you get the idea.
It's diameter is about that of a quarter.

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