Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Nova Scotia Garden In April

You know......yes it is still chilly here, an ice storm on Monday, 
and no sign of the sun for days, but hey, there is beauty
in all this if we look for it.

I went for a stroll in the garden.......

....frozen drops on the Pine....

....frozen Pine needles....

....great bokeh.... collection of 'sea-tumbled bricks' waiting to be placed in walkway.....

....Copper Beech leaves contrasted with 'crystal' branches....

....a little closer....

....Kerria Japonica branches....

....Corkscrew Witch Hazel....

Oh yes, my hands were numb when I was done!!
But the garden was doing just fine.


  1. Wow, super photos, love the Bokeh. And frozen icicles, greenery shows a promise of days ahead that will be spring-like. Keep those hand-warmers handy!!! HaHa. Hugs to all, Jean.

  2. Thank you for showing us the beauty in everything!

  3. I like how you always look for the beauty in everything.

  4. I love the way the branches glisten with the droplets of water! Wonderful photos Jim :)

  5. You take the most beautiful nature pictures.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Jim!!!

  7. I love the frozen garden...gorgeous.

  8. What soft beauty! (Waking up to minus 7 C here!)

  9. These are gorgeous, Jim! I truly believe you can find beauty anywhere if you just open your eyes! I can't pick a favorite! Have a happy week!


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