Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This week winter unofficially arrived with colder temperatures and even some hail.

A tow truck barreling past us through the rain.

On the way home last Sunday we met with a snow squall 
that sent a few vehicles off the rode. It is amazing to me
how some people decide to drive in these conditions....
why they decide to go faster and not slow down is
a mystery to me.

Ron was driving and he did a great job. 
This area was at a higher elevation and thus the snow.
As soon as we were at sea level again, it was bright and sunny.

Hey, I LOVE colour!

See! And who could resist that gray background!

Yesterday Sophie met up with a dog-walker and his pack of 10.
She had a ball! She is in the centre with the stick in her mouth.

We can't wait for our new library to open in May 2014.

What did I tell you about a gray background?!

Sophie (middle brown dog in back) and the 'pack'.

Sophie never misses a chance to pose.

I'm really liking 'city-scape' opportunities.....with a tweak here and there.

A great Halloween shot!!

'Red' means STOP!

A well-deserved drink at the 'grotto' in the park.

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