Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturday Morning Post.....the early edition.

As we are settling into the 'fall season' here in Nova Scotia
there remains lots of things to photograph......

As far as the eye can see...

Winter, spring, summer, fall this trail always has something special to offer.

Last week we had a wind storm blow through.

Remember I told you about a 'business venture' possibility, well that is on hold for now.

Waiting for the light to change, I saw all this colour in front of me!

Very pretty coloured lichen and some fungus on a tree stump.

I really liked how this tree and large rock blended.

Almost walked on this little mushroom.

'What, Jim? I'm busy."

Buildings and clouds.

A statue of Joseph Howe who is one of Nova Scotia's greatest
 and best-loved politicians.

I like this old building in downtown Halifax.

Again waiting at the lights and admiring that very dark sky.

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