Wednesday, November 13, 2013

That Time Of Year

The harvest is in, the leaves (or most of them) have fallen, 
the garden has been 'put away' for the winter, 
we are being teased almost daily now with colder temperatures,
having the occasional snow flurry, wind is picking up down at the beach/boardwalk,
we are putting on 'the layers', the winter tires have been put on the car,
we have made a couple of trips (and one more pending) to the Valley
to get stocked up on veggies/fruit, the furnace has been working 
for two weeks now, dark dreary November has been here forever,
so, I'd say it's time to make a stew to make all the above go away....
at least for a few minutes it takes to eat!!

That is precisely what I did the other day. I prepared onions, chicken, spices, carrots, 
parsnips, turnip, sweet potato, kale, peas and topped it all off with 
buttercup squash.

Brought it all to a boil, then turned down to simmer for a half hour,
then turned off the burner and let it sit.

Since some veggies require less time to cook I let the first three veggies
cook for about 5 minutes, then added the remaining ones.

The nice thing was that the sweet potato cooks up fast and 'dissolves'
into the stew to thicken it up. 
It was very good and lasted for a few days.

I think we will make it through this winter as long as
we have this stew, and varieties there of, to keep us fueled.


  1. Sounds delicious and looks awesome, way to go, that I'd eat! wow fine Autumn Dinning :)

    1. It was good Lorraine and warmed us up.

  2. Your words tell of cold days ahead, and I see on "wunderground" that all round you it is indeed very cold, and a hearty stew is warming, to look at, to breathe in that delicious aroma, and finally to have on the table. Best of all, some left for another day. Keep warm, wrap up in those merino goodies!! Greetings from Jean.

    1. Yes Jean, you 'hit the nail on the head'! Wintering is approaching. Today 1C with a little breeze and actually not too bad at all on our hike. Mind you we did have on our Ice Breaker layers!!
      I suppose you guys are BBQing outdoors now!! lol

  3. You've inspired me, Jim! Think I'll try my hand at a nice chicken stew and dumplings this weekend. Usually I make beef stew but chicken sounds so good too.

    1. Dumplings! Wish I knew how to do those! My mom was very good at making them.
      Happy to be of inspiration to you, Debra.

  4. Sounds pretty tasty! We've just had our first cold snap here. The Casablancas been winterized, the plastic flamingos tucked away for a long winters nap. I must say all that insulation we put in the new part of the house was TOTALLY worth it! Sweet potato, sweet potato in a pot. Sweet potato, sweet potato, hot hot hot!

    1. I bet you are happy to have it warm at Casablanca Mick!
      That tune.....something indigenous to Texas?

  5. Replies
    1. I hear ya John! Winter does get a bit much!

  6. Sounds delicious, Jim! I love all the things you added in it, especially the sweet potatoes. Mmm...mmm.... Nothing like a tasty, hearty stew this time of year. Now you've got me interested in trying my hand at one soon. It's been awhile.

  7. Yum! What a perfect dish for those cold days ahead.

  8. sounds wonderful! I haven't tried it with the sweet potatoes but I think that's going on my list. I cooked cauliflower soup today and threw in some quinoa while I was at it....yum.

  9. Jim-- the stew sounds just wonderful- I love the idea of adding the sweet potato--- all those vegetables makes me smile!

  10. I gotta try this! love all the vegetables you used ... I also love the idea of adding the sweet potato to thicken...


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