Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting To Know Me

I was brought up a Roman Catholic at a time 
when we learned that there was a right way
and a wrong to think, feel, act and do things,

I loved my 'faith' during this time of my life......up to about the age of 18.

Then I started to have questions....ones that my parents weren't comfortable with.
Like, what about the other faiths in the world? Are they all wasting their time?
How and why did we get here (other than the biological way)?
Did a God really do all of this? And questions along this 
existentialist path.

Funny thing is I really started 'questioning' things and was encouraged to do so
during my first years in university. It was run by the Jesuits, a Roman Catholic order.
Turns out they were very liberal minded and wanted us to question everything!

So I did....and much to my mother's chagrin!

The 'rest' is history.
Here I am on a weekly basis 'pushing' the views/teachings of a Buddhist nun, 
reading everything I can get my hands on about Buddhist philosophy and thought.

Yet I am not a Buddhist. I simply have found a 'way' that makes more sense to me
as to how we got here and suggests ways to make this journey through life
more bearable, happy and fulfilling.

Yes I have been flying Tibetan prayer flags on my property for years. 
Am I a wannabe Buddhist?
I am just a human being with his eyes and ears wide open
and listening to what everyone has to say.
And one that has found a philosophy that works for him.

The aforementioned Tibetan prayer flags 
that have been 'enhanced' to brighten up a dreary November day here in the Maritimes.

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