Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

Seems like another batch of eclectic photos this week:

Sunset from MacDonald Hill.

Seaweed 'beach art'.

Bright reflected sunlight on beach.

Time for Sophie to cool off her feet.

Same sunset....a little later.

Wet sand serves as a mirror....

At Point Pleasant Park....

 This crow was not budging....must have been protecting some food close by.

Hi Ron....on MacDonald Hill.

Surfers catching a few at sunset.

Got this vintage 'Atomic Age' coffee table this week.

At the 'Hydrostone' area in north end Halifax.

On Halloween we celebrated 'Day of the Dead' at a great
Mexican restaurant....more about this next week.

Getting ready for the snow!!!

Again in the 'Hydrostone' area of Halifax.

'Down On The Boardwalk'


Autumn grazing in the Gaspereaux Valley last weekend.

Up very early yesterday morning to get these
brand new 'winter tires' installed.
Bring on the snow!

While in the Valley last weekend Ron showed me where his paternal grandparents lived.

A sign of inclement weather coming  when cattle are lying on the ground.

At Horton Landing....the Acadian deportation site.

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