Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

All over the map type of week:

I came very close to getting one of these. How close you may ask?

This close!!

Had Sophie to the vet's  for a check up and these kittens were there! 
Sophie's first time near any feline!!
And she LOVED them!

Just something about cemeteries that I find the best of ways.

I visited my father yesterday and agreed to meet Ron and Sophie at the park afterwards.
On my way to the park, I was walking through the city, 
and found these in the Public Gardens much to my surprise.

There were two beds of roses....some were ready to drop off....

others were being very bold and beautiful!

I also came across this very handsome Mallard Duck couple.

A pair of bird baths.

The front gates of the Public Gardens.

Farther down the street I came to another graveyard in the centre of the city.
And notice it mentions a chapel?

Well here it is.

Here are a  few Canadian history facts I didn't know till I read this.
Debra, I bet you did!!
(click on photo to enlarge)

Just liked how the sun was illuminating the tree 
in front of this house.

Almost to the park....just have to get to the end of this street.

Old Halifax houses along Agricola Street in the city's North End.

Ever notice the number of staples that are on these lamp posts?

Well, it's time to 'make tracks' and get out of here!!

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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