Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting To Know Me

Reveal time!!

Ten things you may not have known about me:

1. I LOVE pomegranates and learned recently they are very good for you !

2. I have an addiction to Matcha tea.....always feel energized after I have it.

3. Speaking of addictions....peanut butter is another ! The 'peanuts only' kind.

4. And staying with food (almost time for my favourite veggie is
 buttercup squash.

5. I absolutely love walking along the beach and being swallowed up by the
 sound of the waves lapping the shore.

6. I hate to say it but I don't particularly enjoy Christmas. I'm not a 'scrooge'
or anything like that, I just find it way too emotional all at one time.
It's just not my favourite time of year.

7. I am a political animal! I really enjoy the drama and intrigue during election
time....either here in Canada or in the United States (as their politics directly
influences us in one way or another). If we all just realized the power we 
have, here in 'western countries', with our vote.
I really do feel that most everything we do is a 'political statement'
of sorts.

8. I have a lot of patience, which came in really handy being a teacher.
But, if I am pressed too far and feel pinned up against the out !
Hasn't happened that often I must say.....too exhausting!!

9. Four years ago I had a heart attack while walking along the boardwalk.
It seemingly came out of nowhere but upon reflection I was ignoring
the classic 'signs' like being tired all the time, losing strength
 and difficulty breathing during strenuous tasks.
I don't fit the 'stereotypical' heart attack victim
but I have learned that through genetics I developed heart disease.
My maternal side of the family has a history of this.

10. As much as I may not enjoy Christmas, I do enjoy the food at this time
of year and I look forward to our Christmas dinner here.
So I guess it's not totally wasted on me.

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