Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting To Know Me

Reveal time!!

Ten things you may not have known about me:

1. I LOVE pomegranates and learned recently they are very good for you !

2. I have an addiction to Matcha tea.....always feel energized after I have it.

3. Speaking of addictions....peanut butter is another ! The 'peanuts only' kind.

4. And staying with food (almost time for my favourite veggie is
 buttercup squash.

5. I absolutely love walking along the beach and being swallowed up by the
 sound of the waves lapping the shore.

6. I hate to say it but I don't particularly enjoy Christmas. I'm not a 'scrooge'
or anything like that, I just find it way too emotional all at one time.
It's just not my favourite time of year.

7. I am a political animal! I really enjoy the drama and intrigue during election
time....either here in Canada or in the United States (as their politics directly
influences us in one way or another). If we all just realized the power we 
have, here in 'western countries', with our vote.
I really do feel that most everything we do is a 'political statement'
of sorts.

8. I have a lot of patience, which came in really handy being a teacher.
But, if I am pressed too far and feel pinned up against the out !
Hasn't happened that often I must say.....too exhausting!!

9. Four years ago I had a heart attack while walking along the boardwalk.
It seemingly came out of nowhere but upon reflection I was ignoring
the classic 'signs' like being tired all the time, losing strength
 and difficulty breathing during strenuous tasks.
I don't fit the 'stereotypical' heart attack victim
but I have learned that through genetics I developed heart disease.
My maternal side of the family has a history of this.

10. As much as I may not enjoy Christmas, I do enjoy the food at this time
of year and I look forward to our Christmas dinner here.
So I guess it's not totally wasted on me.


  1. Fantastic list!

    I don't know why I don't remember the heart attack thing (I feel like I've been coming here forever!) but I'm so thankful you survived it.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope Ron is feeling better.


    1. My heart attack happened before I started to blog Lisa. Blogging helped me through recovery and got my mind off of 'things'.
      Hope you have the best weekend too Lisa! Ron is BACK! lol

  2. We share a lot of that (except the tea - give me Earl Grey or chai all the way!) I'm not 'party' political, but I do hold strong views and get very annoyed with politicians who waste time calling each other names when they could be putting the world right.

    I'm coming up for six years after my heart attack.

    1. Six years AJ? I bet it has been a 'journey' of sorts too. There is so much to learn and experience after a heart attack, isn't there. We learn to pace ourselves and I find appreciate everything just a little bit more.
      I love Earl Grey too. A distinctive aroma and flavour.

  3. Wonderful post, Jim! So sorry about your heart attack; that revelation pretty much stunned me. You just never know the things that go on in people's lives. I'm happy to see that everything turned out okay.

    I love the beach, too. Actually, I love being near water, period. The sights, smells, all speaks to me. Christmas is my favourite time of year, so that's where we part ways...hahaha...

    1. That's right Martha, we never know what others are living with and we don't know what's 'around the corner' most of the time......good thing we don't!!
      Yes something about water that works just fine with me, either swimming in it or just being near it.

  4. Enjoyed reading all of your facts here! That heart attack must have been a bit scary. Makes us feel a vulnerability that we may not have had before. But, health issues I think also make us appreciate our days more, and all the beauty that is in our lives.
    I have to agree on the Christmas season... I do enjoy alot about it, but not the added pressure. Seems like we have lost our ability to focus on family and time together to seeing who can spend the most money. Not a good focus. Matcha tea is VERY GREEN! Never heard of it, and will have to look it up. I have just discovered Davids Teas from my daughter who lived in New Brunswick for 4 years. It is yummy! Good that you had the patience with teaching.... in my job, I have also really had to cultivate that quality. Hope you have a great and HEART HEALThy DAY.!!!

    1. That whole experience Jeanne has been very humbling for me (especially the 'rehab' program) and it does make me appreciate everything more in my life.
      Yes, give Matcha a try.....not to everyone's liking but you never know Jeanne. We have a Davids Teas here too in Halifax. I am pretty fussy about my green tea....I'll check them out.
      Thanks and have a great and healthy day yourself.

  5. Hey, I confessed to being a political junkie in my blog post today too!

  6. You always amaze me with your consistency at posting, Jim! I blink, and you have one or two more posts up!

    Our oak leaves have fallen, and we are blanketed in the white stuff. Poor E-P hates going off to work in the dark and cold! Yesterday the roads were icy~horrendous!

    I always enjoy your "Getting to Know Me Posts." When I was an active member of our teachers union (dodging the vile garbage people are now slamming at me!), I learned a lot about how politics influenced every aspect of our lives. I too am a political creature. I also learned a lot about controlling the dialogue, framing a message, pivoting from anywhere to the talking point you want to make, so I am fascinated watching all the shenanigans going on in the political realm ~ especially in congress. It would be funny, except that these leaders impact our daily lives right down to what goes on inside my body! I think that you have no choice but to be active! You have to stand up for what you believe in.

    I'm glad that you survived that heart attack ~ that must have been so scary. You can do everything right and still get nailed by a genetic time bomb! You've been through a lot with that and your skating accident, and I'm grateful that you blog! I have never met you in person, but I consider you a real friend, and I can't imagine not experiencing "knowing" you! Have a great weekend with Ron and Sophie! They have to be amazing companions in this miracle called life!

    1. I'm driven, Louise, I'm driven!!
      Aren't you happy not having to get up early and head to work on those icy cold days!! YES you are!
      I am glad too to have survived was a warning and wake up call to me. We have always lived a very clean (yawning) life....lots of exercise, good eating habits etc. So it goes to show one that sometimes that is not enough. But I am sure that it would have been worse if I hadn't had such a clean past!
      Thanks so much Louise for such a compliment.....I feel flushed!! I could go on and on about how fortunate I/we were to find each other so many years ago. It was fate. We both knew there was no other option.

  7. I enjoyed finding out more about you. As far as politics go, I must say that it's feels good to see that we here in the USA are not the only ones to produce stupid politicians! We for sure have had our share of them lately. You do know states with tea party governors are taking or trying to take away or make it very difficult for minorities to vote after our Supreme Court allowed a part of the Voting Rights Bill from back in the 60s, be removed.

    1. Well Inger, you grew up, did you not, in a country that encouraged political involvement and the well-being of the citizens. I have always looked up to and could relate to Sweden's politics....being the ole lefty that I am!!
      Yes some of the things politicians do is mind boggling alright!

  8. Perhaps you're my long-lost brother, Jim! Well - except I'm not very political. Good health to you for years and years to come.

    1. Hey Sis! lol
      I wonder sometimes where I came from, as I and my brother are the only 'political animals in my family.
      Thanks Barb, and the same to you.

  9. I'm so glad you survived to say you're a survivor. I've never had pomegranate. I like Christmas, but I like the way I celebrate it in my house. It's quiet, but festive. I don't go out with crowds of people. A number of years ago, though, we did get to go in The White House when it was decorated for Christmas. It was a chilly night with a little snow falling. The White House was so beautiful and as we entered each room, we found a different musical group. It's a happy memory of a time when I had a family.


    1. Hi Janie. Oh you must try pomegranate! You just may like it!
      That White House tour at Christmas must have been a great experience! I would LOVE to see it first hand like that.
      I was lucky to have 'caught' my heart disease when I did. It was not advanced to affect my heart directly.

  10. I had a heart attack ten years ago and I remember it like yesterday. Scariest time of my life, but I survived and went to rehab only to become a better, stronger, happier version of the old me. I guess in some ways it really saved my life. Glad you are well.

  11. Sounds so familiar Joanne. Thank you for sharing this here.

  12. We seem to have a lot in common, Jim. I've never eaten a pomegranate but I LOVE peanut butter. I feel pretty much the same way about Christmas - I'm always happier after the merry season, But I love picking out Christmas carols on the piano. Patience and teaching go together and I taught in the inner city for thirty years. I;m rather disgusted with politics right now. It seems that everything in our culture has become a political statement.
    Earlier this year I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Lucky for me, there was no apparent damage to my heart and I'm doing really well now, but I have to follow a low sodium diet.
    Stay well, Jim, and have a great weekend!

    1. Yes we do have a lot in common Pat! You must try out a pomegranate...research has shown that they can help with keeping arterial walls healthy.
      So, you were a teacher Pat.....even though I never had a so-called 'regular classroom' in the 26 years I taught, I SO respect the work done by teachers in our schools. So much is now required of them on a daily basis. Good teachers are underpaid and under-appreciated considering the responsibility they have for the care/education of so many children.
      Yes, politics has certainly gotten off track in the past decade or so.
      My heart too remained intact. The tiny sub-artery that was blocked outside my heart could not be reached to put in stent, so I was told it would re-route itself and regenerate another vessel. Who would have thought!! So with a couple of meds, I was told to go live my life. Which I am doing.
      All the best to you too Pat and have a great weekend!

  13. We have lots in common-- I love pomegranates-- love pnut butter-- am mediocre about Christmas- but love the food. We could be "besties!"

    So glad you survived that heart attack-- you won the lottery that day. Take good care--

    1. OK 'besties'! We must have been separated at birth or something!! Oh yes, I AM older but that is still possible, n'est pas?
      I did win the lottery Vicki and am 'filthy rich' because of it!!

  14. Glad to have got to know you a bit better! I LOVE PB too, can´t get it in Spain though so whenever I go home I binge on it! You survived a heart attack - you kicked that mean old things butt!


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