Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Order, Order Please!

The original intent of taking these photos of this chimney 
was to 'catch' the snow flakes (our first this year)
as they were coming down past this charcoal/green wall.

Well, as you can see, one can barely make out the flakes, 
but they are there.

As I was processing the photos, I noticed how contrasted 
the colours were.

I really liked how tidy and orderly it looked.

I must confess that I could watch bricks being laid all day!!
Hey, I heard that!! lol

Something about the precision of this 'art'/skill that intrigues me 
and relaxes me at the same  time.


  1. Wow I adore the wall the texture, the bricks, my favourite, and of course snow flakes the second did capture them in a longer strand instead of a fully form snowflakes, it's easier during a storm where there's so many you're bound to get one...or if you change the time down so low that it captures but hey I haven't been able to just take one (secret: unless i crop, don't tell) anyhooo I love this......more, more, more

  2. Great photos, Jim! I love the contrasting colours. One brick at a time...It takes patience to do that kind of work. And it certainly requires skill. I would imagine it's pretty relaxing, too, as you concentrate on doing a good job.

  3. LOL! The bricks on our house are vinyl siding. Hey, that's life these days.

  4. I will never understand why people paint perfectly good brick! (I think the pictures look marvelous) but coming from an "upkeep" perspective painting brick is a nightmare!

  5. Snow, is that early for you? I see it is in many other places, and that is one tall brick wall. Keep warm. greetings from Jean

  6. We had our first snowfall yesterday, too. This little penguin couldn't be happier. =)

  7. Fabulous pictures. Isn't it fun when you believe you are taking a picture of one thing, like your snowflakes, and something entirely different shows up once you process the photo? I just did one like that -- I will post it soon. I love this wall and the chimney, the bricks are orderly, you are right. Very special....

  8. I love precision and organization. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow . . . for you, not me.


    1. LOL! No fair Janie! You could use a good cold spell down there !!

  9. That's a looooong chimney ... the colors are very pretty. The rectangle to the left? Well? to my kind of mind... laying bricks would drive it more insane. one by one by one ... oh, lord? no patience. I met a woman who loves cross stitch ... had her own shop... you COUNT tiny little stitches and make beautiful things... made me itch to just watch her ...

    I like rocks ~ they're big ... fascinates me how someone can make rocks fit to make something...

    I like color but I also like natural. It is so much fun in blog land ~ I came over here from Martha's blog ... I love learning how people view life and things and bricks and colors... fascinating

  10. I see no snowflakes but I do see lovely colours! Although I have to admit I´m not as brick a fan as you are ... haha awful joke. apologies.

  11. We had just a teeny tiny skiff of snow this morning. But boy did it get cold this afternoon... winter is just around the corner, Jim... and I know how you guys love the winter.

  12. We had our first snowfall too, along with a couple of days of really cold temps. I like the contrast in this photo too.


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