Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Post

This is what I noticed over the past week:

Two vintage stools that I reupholstered this week. 

Tree-lined Bell Road in Halifax.

My sister-in-law's birthday dinner this week at 'Edna' in Halifax.
She is second from left and my brother Dennis at far end smiling.

Slowing down near construction in city.

Street that leads to Point Pleasant Park (Sophie's park) in Halifax.

Sophie sniffing out some 'beach debris' at the park.

Ron taking 'the high road'.

Left-over little tributaries at low tide.

'This means I want one of you to throw Mr.Orangie'........please?

A couple enjoying a beautiful day at the park.

I'm ready when you are!!

Curve in the road.

A couple of rocks in one of those tributaries at the beach. (SOOC)


Couldn't help but notice this strange acting character at the beach!! (oh, it's Ron!!)

A little cutie this Scotty is!

Until next week....I'm outta here!

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