Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Walking A Country Dog In The City

Our dog Sophie is a 'country dog'. 
That means that she generally goes wherever she wants.

We are in the city (Halifax) on a regular basis because we/she loves a park there
in which she has 'free reign' to roam anywhere.

So needless to say whenever we decide to walk her in the city 
it takes her a few minutes to adjust and get the 'feel' of the do's and don'ts.

So yesterday was no exception. We parked the car and decided to take her with us. 

We were meeting someone at her shop and we knew she loved dogs, 
so Sophie was coming along.

Ron is very patient with her as he lead her up the street a bit to have her 'heel' with him
and get used to the new surroundings.

By the time they turned around and headed back Sophie was 'in step'
and realizing, as best she could/can, that she couldn't sniff everything in sight.....

in the city she has to pay close attention to whoever is walking with her.

It really does click-in for her and we are happy 
we started this process when she was a puppy.

We were lucky yesterday to find a parking metre on the same street as our meeting.......
so we didn't have that far to go, only a couple of blocks.

And by the time we got there both Ron and Sophie were in step.

This is where our new friend, Daun, is opening a shop
 and we were invited to join in her business which opens this month.

We will be supplying the 'smalls' that will compliment her furniture.
We are excited about this new venture and I will post more soon.

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