Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting To Know Me

I've been passing this farm, barn and pasture for years. 
Every season it shows another facet of itself.
Yesterday all was ready for the pending winter months ahead....
tractors/machinery snuggled up close to barn,
doors and windows closed.

It was quiet and no activity at all.
Most of the trees had shed their leaves
with the exception of those stubborn ones
which hang on for dear life
and change into these beautiful
rust and orange colours.

 Autumn brings so much change 
to the painted landscape
that I find myself grasping
on to any colour I can see.

Maybe it is human nature
to want colour.
Maybe it is an essential element
to us humans.

All I know is that as beautiful as
the first snowfall is 
I find myself looking forward
for the first hints of spring
and the colours it brings back

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