Friday, November 4, 2011

Breathing In The Colour

    As the temperature each night dips
                                                closer to the freezing mark, and one by one
    each plant is crinkling up and turning brown,
                                                I couldn't help but notice this ornamental
    grass called Zebra Grass.
                                                It is tucked away under  the Small-Leafed
    Linden Tree oblivious to the falling
                                                temperatures. So I thought I would capture
    it's magical colour before it too gets
                                                nipped by frost and changes it's colour.


  1. You found a Diamond in the Rough.

  2. I like these little studies you have been doing.

    Question....with the new format on Sophie's blog, is there a way to comment?

  3. Everything is changing so fast now, it's a good thing you caught it! I'm doing my best to watch what colors I can, too soon it will be gone.

  4. OK, so when are you going to put all this in a coffeetable book? Seriously, I just love your eye for nature and how you can translate that into a photo of stunning beauty.

  5. Ooooo I had one of those great grasses some years back and it stayed green and lush all though winter.

    Ther leaves are beautiful aren't they?

  6. What magical pictures of this beautiful grass!

  7. It certainly is a bright, clean green.

  8. i fell in love with this grass a few years ago. It now borders my yard, making a beautiful line of flickering magic. It has grown to about 8 or 9 feet tall.


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