Saturday, November 26, 2011

Retro Saturday

A Ride Down Hollis Street in Halifax

These photos of buildings were taken while driving down Hollis Street in downtown Halifax last week. 

              It was approaching 3 P.M. and the light was reflecting on these sandstone gems.

I am learning that late winter afternoon sun creates/produces great shadows and texture.

                      The building on the left was the former Dominion Building and is now the 

                 The building to the left was a trust company building back in the 50's and 60's.

This building is the Consular Office of Finland. It is also known as the Benjamin Wier House.

           Here's a close-up. I wish I knew the architectural style but I don't. Someone, please

                                      enlighten me! The one above is a private residence. 

This is an old refurbished warehouse down near Pier 21 and is used by the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
This is but a few of the older buildings that are still standing in Halifax.


  1. Great light Jim. Brings out all the detail in the stone work.

  2. I love the old architecture, they just don't build them like this anymore.
    That is a Georgian style. While each building is unique, the tall windows and cornices above with the scroll detail and iron fretwork are all distinctive to that style. It was very popular with the french in the 1800's. Usually it was all made from wood. The use of sandstone here is not only beautiful, but somewhat rare. They must have wanted a design that would hold up in the cold Nova Scotia winters as well as stand the test of time.
    I've seen this style also in Detroit and New Orleans from that same time period.
    I find that the setting and rising sun is amazing for natural lighting while taking shots of such beautiful craftsmanship.

  3. Those buildings do look a lot like many I've seen in New Orleans, especially with the ornate iron grillwork. Great photography, my friend--always such a pleasure to visit your blog!

  4. Nice shots! The late afternoon light really enhances the beauty of the architectural details of these buildings.

  5. I love the old-fashioned 'embellished' buildings that have so much character!

    Slanted sun pictures seem to make everything more interesting - even grass.

  6. Your photos make me want to move to Nova Scotia...which is odd since I consider anything below 80F to be cold. I may just have to visit instead.

  7. Jim, I love the architecture of old buildings and your photos are why. I am quite sure that the Benjamin Wier House is designed in the 'Italianate villa style.' ...Long story how I know that....

  8. Fabulous buildings and great shots !

  9. What great architecture. We have nothing fancy in Phoenix, we're too "new".

  10. Interesting post. Golden pines is respectfully correct.

  11. Beautiful buildings and what great photography...

  12. I think your winner is Italianate. It has many similarities to Georgian, however the Italianate is a little more decorative with the overabundance of detail over the windows and under the eaves.

    It was very popular in Nova Scotia, New Orleans and Detroit. All of which were French settlements. In fact, New Orleans was founded by displaced Nova Scotians. The later developments like the Garden District are the more streamlined Georgian style. But the basics are there in both styles. This style can be found on nearly every block in the now decaying Detroit. It's very sad to see; such beauty gone to waste.


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