Monday, November 21, 2011

Contemplative Monday

"Without realizing it, we continually put up protective walls made up of opinions, prejudices, and strategies, barriers that are built on a deep fear of being hurt.

"These walls are further fortified by emotions of all kinds: anger, craving, indifference, jealousy and arrogance.

"But fortunatly for us, the soft spot---our innate ability to love and care for things---is like a crack in these walls we erect.

"It's a natural opening in the barriers we create when we're afraid.

"With practice we can learn to find this opening.

"We can learn to seize that vulnerable moment-------

"love, gratitude, loneliness, embarrassment, inadequacy------

"to awaken bodhichitta."

These words were written by Pema Chodron in last week's Heart Advice: Weekly quotes from Pema Chodron, 'Seize the Vulnerable Moment'.

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