Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The following clip is by Rick Mercer. He is a very well known Canadian comedian/entertainer who has his own weekly show on CBC television.....The Rick Mercer Report.

My favourite part of the show are his 'rants'. They are very articulate, politically poignant, and to the point!


  1. Rants/speaks a lot of sense without having a lecturing attitude.

    Too much wooly liberal thinking around at the moment dealing with this stuff.

    Bullies should just be be killed ;-)

  2. I am so sad that he took his life. So very, very sad. How dare someone bully a person. I just had kaish watch this and I reminded him that we all need to be on the lookout for any person being attacked.

  3. I totally agree with this guy! One kid is too many too!

  4. Thanks for the introduction. I'm going to start checking him out online!

  5. I love Rick and always appreciat his rant walks, even when I don't know some of the politics behind them

    this one, however, is totally universal

  6. Good for Rick Mercer!
    It's heartbreaking.

  7. Sometimes a rant is just the ticket! Thanks for popping to my blog, especially when you must feel sad. I am ok thanks, feeling a bit brighter and renewed, and starting to miss my blog somewhat! I miss blogland! Hugs! Suzie xxx


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