Friday, November 18, 2011

The Drive Across The Bridge

 This is the view from inside the car as we are heading towards the city of Dartmouth.

I am driving and Ron is trying to capture a few photos of the ship under said bridge.

This is a daily event in Halifax Harbour. This one is heading out to sea from Bedford Basin .

There are two container piers here, one to the left of this bridge, and one down to the right.

I could spend hours watching these ships come and go contemplating their next stop.

As you can see this one is jammed full of products destined for all parts of the world.

Halifax Harbour is very deep and sheltered. It never freezes. During WW2 it was full of ships.

Most were destined for Europe with troops and supplies.  My father was on one of them.

This harbour is also narrow in places. In 1917 two ships collided.....full of explosives.

This whole area was flattened. Thousands died. It was winter which didn't help.

I grew up in the area to the right. It is the north end of Halifax. We always heard the stories.

And I saw some survivors of this devastating event. My Dad survived. He was a year old.

So as this ship heads out to parts unknown, I am again reminded of the life in a port city.

One that revolves around it's harbour.

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