Friday, November 18, 2011

The Drive Across The Bridge

 This is the view from inside the car as we are heading towards the city of Dartmouth.

I am driving and Ron is trying to capture a few photos of the ship under said bridge.

This is a daily event in Halifax Harbour. This one is heading out to sea from Bedford Basin .

There are two container piers here, one to the left of this bridge, and one down to the right.

I could spend hours watching these ships come and go contemplating their next stop.

As you can see this one is jammed full of products destined for all parts of the world.

Halifax Harbour is very deep and sheltered. It never freezes. During WW2 it was full of ships.

Most were destined for Europe with troops and supplies.  My father was on one of them.

This harbour is also narrow in places. In 1917 two ships collided.....full of explosives.

This whole area was flattened. Thousands died. It was winter which didn't help.

I grew up in the area to the right. It is the north end of Halifax. We always heard the stories.

And I saw some survivors of this devastating event. My Dad survived. He was a year old.

So as this ship heads out to parts unknown, I am again reminded of the life in a port city.

One that revolves around it's harbour.


  1. Wow,that is a LOT of containers on one ship...I could do with just some of the profit made with all those goods...thank you! Your Dad has lived through so many Hope he is doing fine. xoxo

  2. What an interesting story... Great pictures Jim!

  3. Life in a northern working town is hard. It takes a strong spirit to make it through.

  4. Similar to our home in so many way. Yet so different.
    I always love the stories from the past. They give the town a life of it's own.

  5. Good Morning, a wonderful post, I love the ships and a good explosive story! How is you Dad doing, btw?

  6. Sharon....yes I plan to do an update very soon on my father.

  7. Stew....yes similar I are a little further south I think but both are 'working class' cities.

  8. Mark....we don't live at the North Pole!!!lol But I do see what you are getting at, I think.

  9. Liesl...yes it looks like a lot! Sometimes you think it may all topple over! But then you remember that there is more 'ship' under the water to keep everything afloat.

  10. Bobbi....I guess all cities/towns have their stories and these are what gives each it's own character.

  11. Nice "on the fly" views of the harbor.

  12. This is really funny...and not specific to the current post. I stumbled onto your blog from Dia's Odd and Unmentionable. I'm currently recuperating from an injured ankle, so sitting with my foot up, in the quiet of my home and I hear a bell tinkling. "What's that? Hmm." Then another random tinkle."Kids outside?" I'm getting very curious now, so I remove the cat from in front of my keyboard, set the computer aside and struggle to my feet. No one out front. No one to the side of the house. I check the smartphone to see if it has come up with some new sound to perplex me. Tinkle, tinkle, the phone in my hand is NOT making this sound. The heat register? "'s the COMPUTER! It's this guy's blog!" You really got me!

  13. Jim.

    Can we see a sequence of shots whilst trying to 'land' on the ship next time please, eg. Evel Knievel?x

  14. Chris.....of course, we will do our best!!!

  15. Ooh Jim, this post was a particularly interesting post for me - because my business uses these ship to bring 40' containers into the UK. It could be one of mine on the ship!! They look small in your pics, but in real life they are huge and a nightmare to unload .... at least I haven't lost any at sea .... yet ;-)

  16. Jim, I read the accounts of the terrible explosion from links on your blog a while back. It was such a huge event, I don't know why I didn't know about it in the same way we know about the great San Francisco fire of 1906. Anyway, the story has stuck with me, and now I read your father was a survivor. Wow.

  17. It looks busy in that harbour! I love the horizon which seems to promise peace and quiet...

    Also - have I told you how much I like your header shot?


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