Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Selection

Yesterday afternoon we were at our friend's wake. It was a beautiful afternoon in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, along the Eastern Shore. The 'party' was in the community hall. It is situated along the coast with great views of the ocean. 

Cathy's favourite music from the 70's was by Van Morrison. This along with other artists were playing in the background all afternoon.

Cathy would have had a good time. In fact, I am sure she did!


  1. I`am sure she was watching over you all - surrounded by all her old charges !

  2. I'm glad that you could all get together to honor your Friend's life.
    Take care Jim.

  3. I`m sure she would have been very pleased to know her friends and favorite music were all celebrating her life.

  4. I LOVE Van Morrison! This song always reminds me of my wandering hubby and Brown Eyed Girl is one of my all time favs!

  5. In our family, this was referred to as the Luau. Same type of tradition. I always thought of the remembered as being there, enjoying the company.

    I hope Mary is holding up, I know it's hard on her. Sending her some {{{HUGS}}}.

  6. Wakes are a good way to bring some healing. Love the music.

  7. What a nice way to celebrate your friend's life! Take care.


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