Friday, November 11, 2011


                               Last Sunday afternoon Ron and I had a 'photo-shoot'. My niece,

                                                Jacqui, asked us to photograph her family.

                                                It was a bright sunny day when she, her

                                                husband Dan, and daughters Sarah Jane

                                                and Julia arrived at our house. 

                                                I had been thinking of a way to 'capture'

                                                the kids candidly instead of the standard

                                                poses. So I hid three stuffed animals/

                                               teddy bears in the garden for them to find.

                                                       If anything, it relaxed them and

                               set the tone for the next hour. They found all three very quickly.

                               We took over 500 photos......there should be a few good ones.

                                                     Here's to the this wonderful family!

                                                Now I know why my Dad loves these two!

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