Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Giving A Hand

                                                                                (Ron and Mary getting dogs ready)

                                                  Last Wednesday afternoon Ron, Sophie      
                                                                               (Look who's in the lead.....Sophie!)

                                                  and I headed to Country Critter Sitters.
                                                                                      (What's the hold up?)

                                                  We offered our services/time to Mary
                                                                                            (OK, here we go!)

                                                  to walk the dogs and take them to the  
                                                                                                  ( First a dip in the ocean.) 

                                   beach. It was only two days since her sister Cathy died and 
                                                                                  (Then some instruction about doggy behavior!)

                                                   she needed  to rest and not worry about 
                                                                                    (Hi, my name is Athena.)

                                                the dogs for a couple of hours. There were 
                                                                                              (OK, my name is leave me alone!)

                                  eight dogs in total (Sophie included). So off we headed down 
                                                                                  ( I'm Henry and I LOVE to play......anything!)

                                  the hill to the beach. Sophie 'knew the ropes' as did the others.
                                                                                       (And I'm Poppy.....where's the ball?!)

                                  We had a knapsack full of balls and  some treats. Two of the
                                                                                         ( I'm Athena's daughter, Scarlet and I love to swim!)

                                  dogs 'didn't want to play with us' and Ron brought them back
                                                                                                  (This is me trying to keep up with six ball-crazy dogs!)

                                  up the hill to Mary. So there were six now. Two black labs,
                                                                            (Coco kept his eyes on the whole proceedings from a distance.)

                                 Sophie Doodle, Coco the alpha dog, Henry the Schnauzer mix, 
                                                                                              (Everybody played hard and needed a break!)

                                                 and Poppy with the grey face. All the dogs 
                                                                                     (Not one needed any persuasion to head home.)

                                  got along and we played 'ball' for over an hour. When it was
                                                                                      (A 'look back' to make sure all were accounted for.)

                                  time to head back, they knew exactly what to do. And back 
                                                                                                                     (One more photo.......)

                                                 up the hill we went with Coco at the rear
                                 making sure everything was 'kosher'. As you can see, Mary
                                                                                                              (Closing the gate....) 

                                  and Cathy have a spectacular view......Cathy's presence will
                                                                                                                    (We're back!)

                                  always be a part of this place. And look who was there to greet

                                                                                (That was a great 'walk'! Whew!)

                                                 us....Penny, a very large Newfoundland dog.
                                                 She had just arrived for a few days visit.


  1. Had your hands full there then Jim.

    Brilliant that you both are helping Mary out.

    Love that shot of Ron giving instructions.

  2. Your kindness and friendship I know was appreciated that day and will continue, I know!

  3. What joy. And what a good thing you all did. It warms my heart.

  4. I hope Mary can continue and still wants to run the business. It must be very hard for her.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. What a beautiful thing you did. Looks like a fabulous place for dogs.



  7. What a wonderful way to help your friend!
    She has a really beautiful location, wit a spectacular view. The dogs look happy!

  8. A beautiful post for so many reasons. And...I want to be one of those dogs!

  9. Great post, Jim. A lovely place there and the dogs seem to love it there! I do hope that Mary can continue.


  10. Loved this post-I`am sure Mary really apppreciated your kindness-great shots and breakdown of doggie personalities !!

  11. What a great time we had and guess what I'm going tomorrow for tea and crumpets!

  12. what an awesome thing to do for your friend. Looks like you had fun too...great dogs there.

  13. Ron,
    the dog whisperer,
    He that dances with dogs!!

    It looks like a great was had by all.
    May Mary find strength and inspiration to go on with her life.
    The location is amazing, btw...

  14. If only there were more people that would help out like that in times of need.

    You are both saints in my book.
    I see all too often, people offer "anything you need" but it's rare to see someone do something.


Hey, I really like your comments and appreciate the time you took to do so.

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