Saturday, November 5, 2011

Retro Saturday

                                   Just before Halloween, Ron and I dropped into
                                   Value Village. That was a mistake! So many
                                   people there looking for 'make-up' and 'costumes'.
                                   We took a deep breath and ventured in.  We headed
                                                    towards kitchen wares. And Ron
                                                   found these two bowls. He is 
                                   getting good at spotting retro 50's and 60's stuff. I suspect these 
                                   are from the 80's. As you can see this bowl set is by Fire King.
                                   There is some 'wear and tear' probably from microwave use 
                                   but they are pretty well intact.


  1. oh those are awesome bowls....

  2. Nice bowls! I have noticed that my dishwasher has an effect on some of the older 'paint' also.

    Good find!

  3. never been to one of those places...

    but I see that no place is safe from your eyes, and wallet!!

  4. Great finds! I really like bowls this size, you can never have too many!

  5. Your home must be full of fun things.

  6. Jim, although they're lovely, you didn't buy them,right? I'm sure you only photographed them to show us all.
    Right now, I'm imagining your 6,000 sf mansion filled with all these vintage items.

  7. Thanks for sending good thoughts for Soldier. One thing I missed while without computer this summer was your Retro Saturday post. So great. Please thank Ron for the instructions. I have to copy them and print them out. No way can I remember all that. Must be a new template. Am I getting too old to keep up with stuff, I wonder. Maybe you could find room for me on your Retro Saturdays....

  8. I like the red fruit pattern on white.


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