Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Amazing how when things in life appear calm  there can be an undercurrent of which we are not immediately aware.

I guess what it comes down to is whether or not we choose to recognize and acknowledge these 'ripples' that confront us on occasion.

Sometimes upon close examination these pesky and seemingly persistent issues prove to be more for which we bargained.

And of course the opposite occurs too.......they weren't as bad as we had imagined them to be.

But  you know what? I always feel better when I face something 'dead on',

rather than building a really good story with lots of drama and imagining the worst possible outcome.

Usually the fears I have learned and imagined about something or other, are just that......imagined!

To me it is amazing how we can get carried away about certain things in our lives.

Especially those things that don't warrant all that energy and time.

Wouldn't it be great and can you imagine the inner peace one would feel if we stopped all the drama.

And learned how to eliminate it completely.

Maybe then we would be better prepared to 'catch' what life throws at us,

instead of  over-reacting.

So when things begin to churn again in your life, and you can bet they will,

try not to make matters worse.


  1. The simplysublime imagines go magicly perfect with your thoughts....the game and movements of the waters..the lights .....

    ....& sadly I have to admit that my english just is not good enough to express the perfect sentences for your interesting "philosphycal art", Jim!

    WONDERFUL ....!!! glad to be back!!!

    ciao ciao un abbraccio

  2. Superb rich photos to go with very wise words.

  3. Wise words and lovely photographs-have a great day x

  4. That's right. No one likes a big drama queen.

  5. ah yes.... its a case of the everyday shadowing the important!

  6. I think we are all that way, and yes, it would be better if we didn't get all bent about 'what could be', but I think it's human nature.

    Love your ocean and rocks! Have a good day!

  7. Great advice and beautiful photos!

  8. I am so fortunate to have been able to go to Ojai for 10 years and listen to and learn from Krishnamurti. From him I learned about REACTING and building things up in your mind. Once you learn that those things have nothing to do with reality, you are on your way to becoming a whole person at peace. At least that's what I think. Of course I fall back on old habits, but still those lessons have really helped my life. And as usual, your pictures are just beyond words.

  9. I agree - facing things head on is usually for the best!

    Love your new header shot - it's stunning!

  10. Me again -- I just glanced at your revolver map and saw you had a visitor from Stockholm, my hometown, accompanied by the Swedish flag. That was fun!

  11. So true, ones mind can surely bigger the load... lovely photos!

  12. So, is Nova Scotia just one big relaxation spa? Obviously, it's you. What amazing imagery.

    I have a friend whose doctor told him he has a catastrophic imagination. I love the phrase, but wouldn't want to live inside that head (although I unfortunately have my moments).

  13. i've eliminated much of my television viewing for this exact reason. Every sit com out there consist of imagined occurrences with a quick over reaction by the star.
    Calm down and communicate.

    Great post. And as always, great photos.

  14. You must have been reading my mind today Jim.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. I know this is applicable to all of us at times.....we love to 'make up' stories as we go along.

    Mitch....funny you should say that! Nova Scotia was picked an appropriate place for the Shambhala Buddhists to 'pack up shop' so to speak and move here from Colorado about 15 years ago. They chose it for it'd slower lifestyle and pace. They have had an impact here. Hundreds of professionals from all walks of life moved here and remain.

  17. Hey, maybe the weather caused the move? When I look at your photos on our snow days, I feel ready to "pack up shop" too, lol.

  18. Did I say something offensive, Jim? I noticed you deleted my comment...I'm so sorry if I did. I had no intention of being disrespectful.

  19. Great post, Jim! I usually always think the worst.. and this takes me back to last year at this time when I was waiting on results of a biopsy and you scolded me and said I should not be online looking for 'the worst'. Your words were a real comfort to me at a very scary time in my life. Did I ever thank you for that? Well, if not.. thank you! And - it all worked out okay. I should have listened!!

  20. Very thoughtful words and post Jim! You might know that I have problems with my sister and her kids. We don't speak to one another because they would rather 'react' harshly and cruelly than try to listen to reason and explanations. It's been one of the most horrible and heartbreaking experiences in my life. So many times over the last year I have thought of things I'd like to say out of reaction to the hurt I feel, but the words someone said to me, 'leave it alone' echo in my mind and I find peace in doing just that. Thank-you for that reminder...

  21. They are beautiful photographs. You know, I could imagine every one of them being framed and hung in a trendy loft apartment.

    You talented thing you!

    P.S. I am a like a fish when it comes to drama (I don't respond at all to it) ..... so things are always dealt with in a measured manner .... can that be learnt?


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