Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

Amazing how when things in life appear calm  there can be an undercurrent of which we are not immediately aware.

I guess what it comes down to is whether or not we choose to recognize and acknowledge these 'ripples' that confront us on occasion.

Sometimes upon close examination these pesky and seemingly persistent issues prove to be more for which we bargained.

And of course the opposite occurs too.......they weren't as bad as we had imagined them to be.

But  you know what? I always feel better when I face something 'dead on',

rather than building a really good story with lots of drama and imagining the worst possible outcome.

Usually the fears I have learned and imagined about something or other, are just that......imagined!

To me it is amazing how we can get carried away about certain things in our lives.

Especially those things that don't warrant all that energy and time.

Wouldn't it be great and can you imagine the inner peace one would feel if we stopped all the drama.

And learned how to eliminate it completely.

Maybe then we would be better prepared to 'catch' what life throws at us,

instead of  over-reacting.

So when things begin to churn again in your life, and you can bet they will,

try not to make matters worse.

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