Monday, November 14, 2011

Contemplative Monday

The following quote is by Karen Maezen Miller from her blog post 'Homesick' at Cheerio Road.
            "Much of the time, our own life feels like a foreign country we can't wait to get out of.
                                               "And not a nice country, either.
      "Even life with the people we profess to love, to whom we have promised fidelity.(Especially those people.)
" Even the half-decent job, the nice neighbourhood, the loyal friends, the adorable kids, the good luck, the manifold blessings, the plan realized, the wish come true---nothing settles or calms for long, nothing feels quite right.
                                  "There's no place like the home you think you don't have."


  1. I may have to start following Karen Maezen Miller. She sang as if she knew me, to paraphrase Roberta Flack.

  2. Some people might identify with her words, and probably I can to, depending on my mood, LOL. But truthfully, I am very blessed with all that God has done for me in this life. I have a husband of 39 years who is my best friend, a family that loves one another and gets along, a nice house instead of a cardboard box on the street, a job, and Tootie, :) Food on the table and a whole mile of fast food restaurants right out my door! Okay, I'd be fullly retired if I could....that would be better. But truthfully, there IS no place like home, my home!

  3. I know I'll never escape my own feelings. I think my travel visa's been revoked.

  4. Hmmm...interesting. Not sure I can relate to that statement.
    Your photos are lovely, as usual!

  5. I didn't get it either. I think my home and my happiness are inside of my somewhere. So my home moves with me and I know it and feel blessed.

  6. Inger and Pat, You both are very fortunate to be very comfortable living with 'yourself'. There are so many of us who need this reminder every once and a while.

  7. I don't feel that way very often. If I'm really tired and/or overwhelmed, I can feel that way.

  8. So true1 Which is why we must learn to appreciate what we do have instead of thinking about what we don't have...

  9. That's why the church has no problem selling the idea of heaven.


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