Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

This is so apt for what is happening right now in the 'western world' with all the 'Occupy' protests.

 This video clip is not only funny but very sad at the same time because this is exactly what is going on right under our noses!

I couldn't agree with him more. That is to say, George Carlin ' Hit The Nail On The Head with this.

If you are not a George Carlin fan I would suggest you NOT watch this.


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree with him more! It really is that way!

    I like George Carlin, his language may be rough, but he really has "hit the nail on the head"!

  2. He was a comedian, right? I was waiting for the funny part. ha!
    And until I become a "rich cock-sucker", I'll just remain your humble poor one.

  3. There needs to be a third option for every election. Option A, Option B and Option None of the above, try again!

  4. Sharon, I knew you would like this!

    Stew, good one!

    Mark, you are too young to appreciate this.

  5. God he was brilliant!! He's the only one who's ever been able to get my blood boiling yet have me laughing helplessly at the same time. Amen George.

  6. This is exactly what the Occupy movement is all about. This is also why I am now a Communist. This won't continue to stand, I don't believe. The resentment of those owners, that top 1%, is rising world wide.

  7. Yikes! Not funny at all - too true.

  8. Spot on, unfortunately. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. You got it! George Carlin's got it.How in the heck do we turn it around though? It will take more than Occupy protests. It's rigged...how do we unrig it?


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