Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

    It is an interesting human reaction that takes place when someone we know dies.
    We wonder why we didn't spend more time with them.
    Would it have made a difference to them if we were around more?
    Could it have somehow changed their destiny?
                            These rhetorical questions I believe are part of the grieving process.
                            They are necessary to help us put death into some sort of perspective.
    So why not contact or spend some time with those you care for right is fleeting by.
                                         Found this mushroom family at the park the other day.


  1. Agreed Jim. Easy to get caught up in the day-t-day and miss what's really important.

    Terrific photos my man.

  2. I was very close to my grandmother but after I moved away, got married, and had kids I did not go see her anywhere near enough. That guilt is something I will have to bear the rest of my life.

  3. Very good suggestion, Jim.

  4. love the new header!!

    as for death,
    too late to have regrets then.
    you can regret not seeing someone one day and do better the next. once they're dead, they're dead.

    it's pointless!!

  5. ah, the age old question jimbo

    we generally never answer it do we?

    take care eh?

  6. Great mushroom pics! Just back from a trip and well my photos didn't turn out good at all! But the ones in my mind are great!

    There is for sure a process to dealing with all the emotions death can stir up.

  7. You're so right! Life is fleeting and if we really felt this intensely, just imagine how differently we would live our lives.

  8. I'm always fascinated by a very common comment made when someone learns that someone they know has suddenly died. "But I just saw him yesterday."

    But your advice is a good reminder. Time to book my flight to visit my mother.

  9. There is such guilt... Need to be there for friends and family. Effort.

  10. Those are words to take to heart. We can take those mistakes we made in the past with our loved ones, and translate them in being a more knowing and loving presence to those we love today.

  11. A good reminder! Jim (and Ron,) I'm sorry about the loss of your friend.

  12. I think it's only natural to regret not having spent more time with someone who has died. What you can do is treasure the moments that were spent together.
    Beautiful mushroom photos!

  13. Good Post, Jim.

    Cute little mushroom family :-)

  14. Jim, I'm sure Cathy appreciated the time you did spend together, just as you enjoyed those special times.

  15. @ LOUISE:
    wise words!!
    the kind I would practice.
    that's all we can do.

  16. enjoy every moment with no regrets. Then carry your memories with pride.
    I'm very sorry for your loss.


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