Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Up With The Birds

Sophie and I were at the beach by 7:30 AM yesterday morning.
She was shocked when I proposed the idea to her.....
she kind of gave me this vague look of wondering what was up!
We don't usually go to the beach this early.

We found that the beach was mostly covered in rocks which can be tough to navigate.

So we headed up to the trail in the dune grass area
and Sophie led the way, being very alert as usual.

The temperature was about 10C/50F, so it was bearable.

We headed down to the other end of the beach where I could see some sand.
Sophie took advantage of this and started to run up and down the sandy area after the ball.
She also had a few dips in ocean.

By 8:30 we were heading back along another trail towards the car.
It was time for both of us to have breakfast.


  1. What a beautiful beach! I love to spend time in beach...

  2. Serene at that time I would imagine, having it all to yourselves! Lovely shots as always.

  3. What a great way to start the the beach!

  4. I do love your trips up there. Whoa, all the rocks, looks like fun!

  5. Those cobblestones are tricky to walk on. I bet they're tough on SD's tootsies and yours. I like North Mountain basalt to hop around on ~ all that columnar jointing, just like stair steps. It's fascinating to watch how a beach changes throughout the year. Thanks for sharing, Jim!

  6. Stones and rocks in super colours, grasses growing again, shoes or bootees maybe for the little lady!!

  7. I regularly have plans to head to the beach for a stroll at sunrise. Often I even step out on the terrace and contemplate the beauty. Then I go back to bed.

  8. Early morning at the beach sounds wonderful. Those stones are beautiful.


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