Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

I have been thinking about Joni Mitchell's health since
she was admitted to hospital in late March/early April.
I read the latest update (click) and the prognosis looks good.

So, sit back and enjoy.
have a wonderful Sunday all.


  1. A truly frightening time for Joni, and I'm sure that all our thoughts, positive wishes and more will be another rung on the ladder to recovery .beautiful lyrics, voice, and the background at just the right volume, to be that, a background. Still Sunday down here, 8.14 p.m. getting quite windy, and on the farm down south where our younger daughter lives, -1C, real feel like -11 C, and snow is falling. ( According to Accuweather) She is with us from last Wednesday, flew up on the Tuesday and met us a little north of the big city, a wonderful chauffeur round Wellington, and a super support for me these last days.

  2. Hopefully she'll pull through, its thoughtful of you to share, thanks!

  3. She's one of my faves too -- good luck and best wishes to her!

  4. What a voice and what a poet! Thank you for posting this. I can never get enough. Wishing her well.


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