Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Despite the fact that we both had the 'COLD FROM HELL' all this week,
and, I must add, the first time in 42 years that we had a cold at the same time,
can you just hear us now!!!,
we did manage to get out a couple of times.

Sophie and I did a very long walk on Thursday at Point Pleasant Park.
She ran ahead and waited at the shore.

Having forgotten to take 'Mr.Orangie' from the car, she settled for a stick.

Did you know that hanging out clothes on a line can be very meditative?
Been doing this since I could reach the line.
Happy spring is here.

 Star Magnolia having a lot to say this spring.

Sophie at her best along the shore.

Pair of Canada Geese honking their heads off.

Corkscrew Larch.

A very regal Hellebore.

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