Thursday, May 28, 2015

'Go West Young Man.....'

Well, with the exception of the 'young' part,
that is exactly what we did!!

We went through all of the above communities yesterday to get to Crystal Crescent Beach
which is probably 60 km from our house heading in a westerly direction.

This is what we saw:

There are three white sandy crescent beaches from which to choose.

We decided on the second one and had it to ourselves.

The third beach is a nudist beach.
We thought it was a bit too chilly to go there!
But that didn't stop others as there was a steady steam of hikers
heading over the hill to the third beach.

Sophie was beyond herself with joy!
There was water, sand, Mr.Orangie, Ron, Jim
in any order she wished to use!!

It was a beautiful day and the water was crystal clear......but COLD.

We opted to sit/lie down on the sand and listen to the faint surf,
and to Sophie who was intent on digging a hole all the way to China.

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