Friday, May 29, 2015


Our garden is growing/blooming like gangbusters.
Since we had a late start here in Nova Scotia,
everything appears to be in a rush to show itself.

Take these daffs for instance, they are growing under two Japanese Maples
and, I believe, they know they have a 'short window' of time in which to bloom
before the JMs above start to leaf out.

Tulips.....they don't 'make' em like they used to.
Here's their story: these were transplanted from Ron's mother's garden
17 years ago and they have bloomed every year since.
Four years ago I bought a little gift for myself (a retiring gift)
of 150 tulip bulbs and put them in the daff bed above.
They looked spectacular the first year.....all red!!
They never bloomed again.

Every flying insect around, bumble bees, wasps, flies, are loving our azalea bushes.

Here are two more of those 'tranplanted' tulips from 17 years ago in another part of garden.

Looking down a side path into the front garden.
That is a Purple Beech tree above the azalea.

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