Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

Have a seat and take a look at my past week:

'Found' these very old oak chairs which will find their way into the shop soon.
They were made in Gardner, Massachusetts, in the 30's I believe.

Surfer on MacDonald Hill checking out the surf from the top.
He quickly turned around when he saw it was a calm day out there.

The sun was pouring in on this English Ivy last evening in the kitchen.
It does so well in this north-facing window
and also maybe due to all the leftover tea and coffee I feed it.

Last Sunday I visited Dad and found he was attending Mass when I arrived.
So I went to the Halifax Public Gardens for a while which is very close 
to the veteran's hospital.

Here is a close-up.

Back on the Hill....Sophie doing what she does best!

A mother and son enjoying the spring weather
and a paddle-boarder too, I see.

Sophie taking a dip in Lake Banook.

This little fella survived the winter tucked under the Dogwood Tree.

Beautiful Dandelions.

Reflections in the pond at the Public Gardens.

RDT....Ronald Douglas Troke.

The Daffs are in full bloom.


  1. What a week and lovely photo story tale, every one a winner. Maybe, in my eyes, " Reflections" came out at #1 by a smidgeon ( if this was a horse race, by a nose) from " Lake Banook first dip of the season".

  2. Nice antique chairs, great scenery in these photos indeed, thanks for sharing!

  3. That's one of the best photos of dandelions I've seen! Also love the many shades of green in the light-filled ivy. Beautiful!

  4. Fantastic shots. I love your week, Jim! The simple things in life are the best, aren't they? Life is good...

  5. i hae beautiful dandelions too. about 10 billion of them. sophie must be happy that her lake is liquid again. is ron getting more handsome?

  6. Looking a lot like spring! Ron even has his jacket tied off. Snowing here - I'm a broken record.

  7. I'm so glad that spring has finally sprung in your world! I love the chair photo!

  8. Busy week! Love the chairs. Hmm that water looks so good, wish I could join Sophie! Ah... Spring!

  9. Just beautiful, Jim, from beginning to end! My sister Bertie learned to do the caning on that type of chair. I once saw a caned chair thousands of years old in an ancient Egyptian exhibit. Pretty amazing!

  10. Spring is looking beautiful in your neck of the woods.

  11. You make life even more beautiful. I want that fountain for my terrace. Do you suppose they'll ship it? Oh, wait; I'll need a bigger terrace.

  12. All so lovely, beautiful photos Jim, I love them all, and the one from Ron, he looks like he should be one of the men in black or some NYU or some sort, great photos


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