Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Morning Post

So good to be out and about with freedom to explore this beautiful province....

This is Cesna, a Goldendoodle that Sophie met the other day at Lake Banook.

The sometimes much maligned Dandelion.

Ron in amongst the trees.

Beach Art at Crystal Crescent Beach.

We had a lunch date yesterday with our niece, Brynn.

Brynn just got back from France 
and she brought us back a great selection of different teas.

Early evening stroll down on the boardwalk yesterday
and came across this camper van.

The fog came in and wrapped itself around us.

Ron was resting on this HUGE log at beach, so I took some shots from this weird angle.

It was hot and humid in city yesterday, so there were more cars than usual
here.....all to cool off!

Washed ashore.....a section of pier or wharf.

I liked the way the wind had blown the sand around this grass.

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