Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

Funny how, when you hear a song from years ago, it all comes back instantly.

I still like this piece by Ian and Sylvia.

Have a wonderful Sunday/Monday(NZ) everyone.


  1. Jim, still Sunday here, about 7.11 p.m. and I keep looking to find the time in London, in case there are any updates on the new princess. A pigeon pair, and I had to ask Mr Google where that term came from. Very interesting, it seems a pigeon sat on 2 eggs, one of each sex, and so if twins originally were born, with a boy and a girl, the term was used then, but now it gets aired when there is a gap between one or the other. Songs and lyrics from olden days ( at least it seems olden), lovely, you can sing along, and understand the words. What memories for so many of us. Plodding along down here, nothing exciting or even mildly interesting to report.

  2. Yes, its amazing how a song can take you back. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gawd, Ian Tyson had a beautiful voice when he was young.

  4. Stranger still when you've never heard an old song, and love it! WOW why didn't I hear? maybe I listened to a French station being French and all but wow I love this, thanks for sharing Jim, as always...


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