Friday, May 8, 2015

Have A Seat

I know what I would do, and maybe will do one day soon, 
if I had this bench all to myself......
with camera in hand I would spend a couple of hours 
'shooting' away at my heart's content.

What would you do if you had the time to spend a couple of hours here?
This bench is situated in a park on a small hill overlooking Lake Banook in Dartmouth.


  1. Hey! I get to be on top of viewing your post for once! Only because I'm up late finishing my northern post. LOL Lovely photo, Jim! I'd probably be taking photos just like you, except I don't think I could sit still on any bench for two hours! Happy Friday!

  2. Read a book while occasionally looking up to take in the view and the sunshine. Love the tint.

  3. Well i'd take photos, photos, and photos than I'd go for a swim, I'm not afraid or freezing water, than I'd get out shiver, find a coffee, take photos, photos, photos lol , beautiful Jim

  4. Photos, photos, photos. Daydreaming. Photos, photos, photos :)

  5. I would enjoy the outdoors and maybe read a book. Right now I'm reading Alan Doyle's autobiography "Where I Belong." Very funny!

  6. I would grab a book-but would mostly be day dreaming and watching for birds and others enjoying the water

  7. Sit and lose myself in the view.

  8. I'd soak in the atmosphere...make it last forever.


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