Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Trip Around The Shop

Been thinking about the shop today.
I have a chance to almost triple my space.
I was given a proposal and I am contemplating it.

I would have more room to put in furniture.....chairs, lamps and a couple of tables.

The season has started now and it would be a good time to give an expansion a try.

I would still be on the second floor of MacDonald House
and actually right next door from where I am now.

Twice as many windows.......more wall-space......

....would still work just one day a week......Sunday.

Ron would be happy that the basement will get cleared out....somewhat.

What will I do?......
Stay tuned.


  1. The colors are all great--so vibrant.


  2. Oh you know that you're going to go for it! I love your retro stock. Gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like a great idea to me. But you're keeping us in suspense!

  4. What an wonderful possibility......what will you do? Of course I know that you will make the best decision for Ron, Sophie and you....Good luck!

  5. Love those uranium green cups and saucers

  6. Good luck with your decision, Jim! I'm sure it would be hard to leave that special room you have, especially with how the sun lights up the room. But I'm thinking that all the rooms in MacDonald House have their unique positives. I'm guessing that you are not the only one with treasures in your basement! Like missing Wolfville High School yearbooks! Whatever space you have, you will make it warm, colorful, and inviting!

  7. To let you all know.....yes, I am doing it. Have to get it all ready for June 1st!! YIKES!!
    Hey, gives me a good focus and as I said it will enable me to get bigger items in the shop.
    I'll give it whirl.
    Louise, this new room has two large double windows with two views and I'll do my best to cozy-it-up!!


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