Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

......especially after the winter we had here in Nova Scotia.
It's a wonder anything survived.

But that is in the past, right?
So let's stay in the present and take a look around the garden.

White Scilla/Pushkinia commonly known as Squill (from bulbs).

Blue Scilla.

This daffodil is stretching and trying its best to open.

 Sanguinaria (white blossoms) or commonly known as Bloodroot 
being the focal point of Ron's camera.

Everything is waking up and rearing to go!!


  1. Our daffodils were finished a few weeks ago in the garden. Now onto forget-me-nots, cornflowers, and aquiligia all over like weeds! Trees and hedges are all out in their fresh green and some blossom trees already over. Enjoy your long awaited spring!

  2. Buds and flowers, close-ups, beautiful, let them blossom with sunshine and blue skies every day.

  3. so, so beautiful, you know it wasn't until i started taking macros of flowers, that I realized how much I love them...

  4. Wonderful shots, Jim! Everything certainly is waking up...and it's beautiful!

  5. I love the feeling of life waking up after a cold long winter, we have blossom growing now on our trees in our garden and everything is so pretty, it's a shame it only lasts a few weeks!

  6. Nothing is so welcome as the blossoms of Spring!

  7. i love bloodroot and really need to get some for my garden.

  8. Beautiful shots - I love those macro shots!

  9. Pretty shots. We don't have those handy here. Not where they are obvious, anyway. I hear there is a market for blood root.

  10. Your flowers are lovely, but the last photos tells a story with a bit of mystery! Thanks for sharing your lovely garden, Jim! Have a good one!

  11. Sanguinaria, Bloodroot is my all-time favourite!!

    I suspect you already know that little tidbit!

  12. It's so hot here that I want to sleep. I feel more lively during the winter, which isn't much of a winter. I'm glad spring found you.


  13. I still get shivers looking at them, wow Jim


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