Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

From strange clouds to malls to twin cities....

There were a few of these 'funnel' clouds around the other morning on way to Halifax.

Tangled prayer flag.

There they are!

Look into the crystal ball.....

White Birch....

The Town Clock on Citadel Hill in Halifax.

We have one of these trees in our garden.
 I found this 'tree marker ID' in the Public Gardens.

We have a twin city in Japan!

Ron in Park Lane Mall the other morning.....

Skylight in the mall....

A view of Halifax from Eastern Passage.

A road in the park....

Swans in the fountain at the Public Gardens.

Prince of Wales Martello Tower at the park in Halifax.

Pond in the Halifax Public Gardens.

Magnolia blossom in the Public Gardens.

This would be me yesterday morning at the beach.


  1. A wonderful pictorial outing in your place, every one superb, the Town Clock from a different angle than your other photos of it,love that slice of sky behind. Ron is looking good too, Cheers to all, Jean.

  2. Lovely pics but the birch wins hands down!!!

  3. I love how birchbark curls on the tree.

  4. I enjoy your about the town pictures, Halifax is starting to feel like I have been there myself. Have a nice day!

  5. Great pictures, Jim! So many interesting sights. Life is one big adventure, I tell you. Love the clouds and the birch! And the Public Gardens looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  6. A great and beautiful documentary of your week. Being Swedish, of course I liked the white birch the best. It could be our national tree there, but I'm not sure if it is, we do have a lot of trees.

  7. I liked seeing the recap of your week, Jim. Love those macro shots!

  8. Wonderful shots to recap your week. That water drop is gorgeous.

  9. What a fun group of photos!

  10. Jim--- I love them all- I always do-- but the beach shadows is my favorite. I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend:)

  11. Just beautiful , Jim ~ especially those clouds in the first photo!


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