Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking Up

Met up with our sister, Mary, and our sister-in-law, Janet yesterday at Starbucks.
The company and conversation was so engaging that these three photos
were the only ones I took!!!
 And we were there for two hours!!
Now that's a first for me!

Playing with the light fixture above me.....

I think the last two would make a great fabric print, don't you?


  1. Ah, Jim, that made me smile. It's been a while but I too have taken photos of light fixtures. I'm sure the company was wonderful, but I also suspect you and I are addicted to playing with our cameras :) I do agree with you about the potential for a very lovely fabric out of those last two.

  2. Nice light fixtures! Sounds as if you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Very artistic, Jim! Sometimes less is more...

  4. I agree on the fabric - it would be fun to wear!

  5. Indeed I often see photos I think would make great fabric print on the NASA Earthcam. The last photo is exactly the print I would use for a Carnaby Street retro-mod look


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