Friday, May 23, 2014

Sharing A Lifetime

Who would have thought  back in the early 1970's,  that I  
was about to meet someone and then spend the next 40 plus years with ?
Not I!

Until I met this guy, that is!
I had just come out of that proverbial closet
 and thought I had enough to deal with let alone to begin a relationship with someone.
And a man at that!

What was so special and attractive about this guy?
That is easy.
I got totally wrapped up in his enthusiasm for life.

He opened my eyes when they needed so badly to be opened
and focused on things I had never taken the time on which to focus.

The simpler things in life, like looking up at a tree while lying on the ground 
and seeing for the first time the framework of branches,
sliding along the mud flats of Minas Basin,
and learning to let go and really enjoy the environment around me.

His exuberance and enthusiasm for life caught me off-guard from the start.
I remember reading recently a lesson by Thich Nhat Hahn which said:
'Never extinguish enthusiasm'.

Well, this exactly sums up the guy who, so many years ago, stole my heart and soul.

It's this crazy guy you see almost weekly in one of my posts
and here he is again in all of these photos.

Ron and I are sharing our lives together.
I know this isn't earth-shattering news and so many people are doing this as well.

But yesterday afternoon this fact hit me between the eyes 
when I saw him high up on the dune grass
and he started to show the enthusiasm he had at that particular moment...
at the beach, the wind blowing, with very dramatic dark clouds as a backdrop
and the skies about to open up with rain.

I stood there for a second and smiled as I began to 'record' this on my camera.
It was all very spontaneous and nothing planned at all.
A very happy moment.....a celebratory moment in a way.

Ron has had a very difficult past couple of months
  learning to deal with his very first health crisis.  
Today I realized that he was going to be alright
and it became obvious to me as well that he realized
that the worst is behind now. He can begin to live his life again.

Lots more time ahead to lie on the ground and look up at the trees.

Oh, and thanks Ron for all that you have taught far.

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