Friday, May 9, 2014

Back To The Hood

For most of my childhood, up till I was 17,
 I lived in a neighbourhood in the North End of Halifax.

Back then it was mainly a working-class area of the city
 and it had everything one would ever need at that time back in the 50's and 60's.

The neighbourhood drug store/pharmacy, dry cleaners, two grocery stores, a meat market,
laundromat....what more would one want?!

Today, this commercial part of the community has been of course brought up to date 
with a few trendy and appetizing shops.

We are in this area quite a 'our' coffee shop is also here.

So yesterday I decided to go 'window shopping/photographing'
as Ron and Sophie were content to sit on a bench
 in a small park across the street.

These shops on Young Street run for a block down one side of the street.
I grew up one block away towards the harbour.

I have mentioned this area before.....the Hydrostone (click).
Every building/house in this area, it runs for about 10 streets,
is made from hydrostone/special cinderblocks  and they were all built 
after the Halifax Explosion in 1917.

Oh yes, a substantial portion of the cost for rebuilding this area
 was paid for by the city of Boston  (click) and the state of Massachusetts.

It has become a very trendy part of the city now
and I am happy it still has its old charm with all these unique buildings.

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