Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Flora in the mix this week:

Our Daffs just started to open up yesterday.

A condo highrise in downtown Halifax.

Not budging! Too cold!

A private school in older sister attended for a couple of early years
 as did my brother Dennis for kindergarten.
I served Mass there a few times as an alter boy.

Ron pointing to an apartment we lived in in the late 70's in Halifax.

'William and Mary'....spring blossoms in our garden.

'Bloodroot' blossom.

This 'Weeping Elm' in the Halifax Public Gardens is a STUNNER!!

Our 'Teddy Bear' rhododendron is covered this year in these blossom buds! Yeah!

The 'Star Magnolia' is waiting patiently for a warm day to blossom-out.

'William' sleeping and 'Mary' wide awake!!

Lifeguard building down at the boardwalk....looking over at the lake.

Lost in fog....

Waiting for the light to change in traffic yesterday.

Bus through rainy car window.

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