Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

Collectibles to art.......

I set up a few of my mid-century collectibles at a shoppe, 
'Fancy Lucky', in the MacDonald House near the beach
in Lawrencetown.

Sophie inspecting (and wearing I see!) seaweed.

 This 'Species Tulip' (smaller than regular tulips)
 has come back for years now in our garden.

.....view from below.

Catching up with old friends....
Alyce (left) and Paulette (Alyce's daughter) who is an old friend from university days.

Loved this very old townhouse in downtown Halifax yesterday.

A protester in the city.

 'The British are coming, the British are coming'!
Preparation has begun in the Halifax Public Gardens
for Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, 
and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

They will be here on Monday which is a holiday in Canada,
Victoria Day....Queen Victoria is Charles' great great great grandmother.

Everything will sparkle for their visit.

Here is a plaque commemorating Charles' grandfather's, King George VI, 
visit to Halifax in 1939.

This Oak tree was planted by King George back then
and Prince Charles will be planting an Oak tree as well
 in the same vicinity in the gardens.

Passed by this Magnolia tree yesterday in the gardens.

Now here's an Adirondack chair for you....made out of hockey sticks!

One of many development sites in the city.
That is the new library in the background, due to open in September.

While picking up Sophie from doggie daycare yesterday, I noticed this in the garden.

Sophie doesn't like the resident horses at daycare but it appears
that Ron sure does!

I won the bid for this painting at an auction last week.
It is by a French artist Jean Claude Picot.
He is alive and lives in France.
I am waiting for an appraisal 
and what medium was used.


  1. Beautiful weekly wrap-up, Jim. Your beautiful tulips seem to glow from within. I like the way the pink geraniums look against the gray facade of the old townhouse.
    It's nice to see the preparations that are going on in expectation of the royal visit.

  2. Great collection of photos, Jim, It looks like it's been quite an interesting week. That chair made out of hockey sticks is very unique! I really like the photo of the twin windows. And Ron with the horse. And the tulip photos!

  3. That's a real Canadian Adirondack chair! Interesting picture, I know you will let us know once you ind our more about it.

    1. I should tell my brother about this chair he and his sons are all hockey nuts and have a ton of sticks!!
      I will let you know about what the appraiser says about that painting.

  4. Such happy photos, Jim. Our adirondack chairs are usually made from skis!

    1. LOL! Highback chairs they would be!
      Good to see you Barb.

  5. I love that shot of Ron with the horse.
    All of your photos are wonderful.

  6. Oh pip pip! I'm sure Halifax will enjoy seeing Charles and Camilla.

    1. Hi Debra. As long as the rain doesn't come we will be there......waving our flags!! (not really)

  7. Yay Ron! Coming over to the dark (horse) side!
    Really fun pics. That tulip glows!

    1. Hi Terry! Ron was a little timid at first, but this horse was very friendly.....much unlike it's 'yard mate', who is a handful!
      Wish we had more of these tulips....real survivors.

  8. Love the Adirondack Chair-----great idea and super pic

    1. There you go Brian! Start gathering up any hockey/goalie sticks you can find and attach to frame of a lawn chair.

  9. SO much to comment on, but I won't bore you with all my thoughts. So, here are two: 1) I NEED that Adirondack chair; and 2) Just seeing the joy on Ron's face when he laughs brightens my entire day.

    1. Oh bore me please, Mitchell!! lol
      Are you a hockey fan?
      Ron's laugh comes from his soul....which is full of happiness. He makes most people smile.

  10. Loving your post today, hon!!
    Not just because I'm a laughing hyena, but because you have a great eye and your pictures are so nice and big for us seniors to see.!!


    1. Well, Mr. Man, thanks to you my layout page is much bigger and simplified.
      Keep laughin'!


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