Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Morning Post

A busy week........

Pigeon looking for his 'brunch'.

This very simple but DELICIOUS dessert was made in the 'Heron's Nest Tea Room
which just so happens to be downstairs from where we are setting up our shop!!
Handy, eh?

An ad opposite from where we had brunch last weekend.

This lake area is in Dartmouth which is known as the City of the Lakes.

Ron walking by our favourite brunch restaurant last Saturday.
He parked the car.

A surprise for someone.

A container ship leaving the Port of Halifax.

Red tulip.

Everyone loves a Teddy Bear, right?
This is our garden version......Teddy Bear Rhododendron.

The humble Dandelion.

A 'rock face' in the park.

Ron getting lost in the graffiti in Halifax.

Our Star Magnolia is still in bloom.....thanks to the cool weather.

Don't you just love fern fronds!

Psst! There's that crazy guy again!!

This is Tupper, a Saint Bernard. He was very interested in Sophie's ball
and followed her around for at least 15 minutes before he decided
to listen to his owner.

This tulip came from Ron's mother's garden back in 1999. 
It has bloomed every year. Now THAT is a tulip!!

Looking across the Northwest Arm in Halifax.


  1. incredible flower pics. good luck with the shoppe

    1. Thanks and thanks, Joanne.
      Have a wonderful weekend out there in 'God's Country'!!

  2. Beautiful photos, Jim! Gorgeous flowers! That tulip is amazing, and it's a beautiful colour. I really like the graffiti shot with Ron. And I LOVE the shot of the ad. It actually looks like a real person standing there.

  3. Well I could, what \Martha said and leave it at that, 'cause she said it all, still \i will say i'm in awe and with somehow, somewhere someone with give the power to move exactly there it is so beautiful Jim, feels like home...could it ever so easy ....stunning photos always I love you guys and Sophie . the beautiful St. Bernard makes my heart smile, have a great week-end you 3

  4. Even a lowly dandelion looks magnificent in macro!

  5. I really like your photos of the flowers. Good luck with your shop!

  6. Love your Saturday windup (is that the word?).

  7. Even the graffiti is prettier in Nova Scotia.

  8. As always, stunning photos. Clever treatments. And the perfect "models." But, I'm beginning to worry about your and Ron's behavior. Should Sophie be looking for adjoining rooms at "the home" for you guys?

  9. What's in the dessert? It looks like whipped cream. It's pretty difficult to go wrong with whipped cream.


  10. The closeup flower shots are gorgeous, Jim.
    Tupper - so cute!

  11. Hi I have just found your lovely Blog, so many lovely photos and I really like the way you have manipulated some of your images.

  12. You are a great photographer, Jim.
    Wonderful shots, love them all


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