Friday, May 30, 2014

Mid-Century Maniac

We are setting up a room in a vintage shop just down the road a ways from our house.
It is in the MacDonald House on MacDonald Hill which is just before the beach.

We have been busy all day selecting items from our 'inventory' (30 years collecting)
in the basement. We also set up a Facebook page as well which is under construction.

We are called Mid-Century Maniac. Most everything will be vintage from the 50's and 60's.....
from Pyrex, jadeite, arborite tables, chrome/vinyl chairs, vintage dishes and china, 
and glassware.

We made this sign using vintage fabric as the background.

This endeavor will keep us busy initially until set up. We are open as of June 1st.

We will not be 'minding the shop' as that is done by the owner, Amy
whose expertise is women's vintage clothing.
She has really good quality items. You can check out her FB page here:

Here is our FB page link which doesn't have any photos as of yet
but will soon:

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