Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gray Day On The Boardwalk

After lunch on Monday, Sophie and I headed down to the boardwalk.
The skies didn't look promising, except for rain, but we went anyway.

Ron has not been feeling well the past few days, so he stayed at home.
We met with his cardiologist yesterday and she is trying to 'figure things out'.

So, it was Sophie and I, and we had the place to ourselves
 except for a couple of maintenance workers getting things ready for the summer.

The dark clouds started to do what they do best......rain! But only a sprinkle.

We walked on down the boardwalk onto the trail beyond.
Soph was really good as you can see she stayed where she was and didn't venture
into the parking/roadway area as I took this photo of her.

I looked towards the west and saw all those gray clouds heading our way.

And to the south the clouds were thickening up all around us.

To be honest, I love days like this because the colours around me 
were not being washed out by harsh sunshine.
Overcast days make for some interesting light and allow any colour to pop!

As we headed down the trail I heard a school bus.
School was out.
Time for us to head home too.

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