Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Out To Lunch

Most days for the past few months we find ourselves in Halifax 
after an hour long hike in the park.

We have usually worked up an appetite and proceed to one of
a handful of our favourite restaurants.

One of those is 'Heartwood'. It is vegetarian/vegan. 
We are usually happy with what they have to offer.

And today was no exception. We both ordered the 
'Wild Card Special Burger'. They have a 'Wild Card' something 
or other every day,and you don't know what you'll get until it
 arrives and today it was a burger which was new to us.

The burger was made of tempeh (click) which is made from soy. 

We had a choice of a salad, potatoes, or steamed greens. We chose the steamed greens.

The greens are always so good and today they included kale, cabbage, broccoli and sprouts.

It had a light pesto dressing and was delicious. As was the burger.

We got there well after lunch time (1:30) we thought and expected to get a table. 
Not today. The place was full. So we sat at the window/bar-type seats.

For dessert we shared almond chocolate cheesecake (soy). Delicious!
And very filling!! We ate that so quickly I didn't think to get a photo.

By the time we finished that, I looked around and saw that the crowd had gone.

The place was very spring-like with tulips at every table.

Heartwood has been here for about 10 or so years and has recently been sold and is under
new management. The new owners have made a lot of interior changes and 'spiced up'
the menu......with wonderful results, we think.

This is an exclusively vegetarian restaurant, the only one now in Halifax. Other places
offer vegetarian dishes along with their regular menu items.

After a vegan meal we find we don't feel as full as when we have a meal with meat.
We feel more comfortable usually and not at all sluggish.

What is your favourite type of restaurant meal?

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