Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sun Dance

This morning we went to the beach before breakfast......
a sure sign that spring is not too far behind.

The sun was 'playing' on the water, jumping all over the place.

Then, as I was standing there taking these pictures 
I began to see a pattern of sorts emerging,

 resembling a choreographed dance piece.

It was quite magical, the sun's rays dancing
and bouncing on the water's surface.

And then catching a wave and riding it into shore.

It was a continuous chorus line starting way out on the horizon

and moving towards  shore in rhythm with the current.

I was transfixed as I  watched this through my camera's lens.

And, if it had been summer I would have joined in!

But remembering it was February here along the North Atlantic coast,

I restrained myself and stayed put.

I will have to wait for a few months 
before I act on that urge to join in this dance.

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