Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Drive Over The Bridge

This is the 'new' bridge which was built in 1970.
It is one of two that span Halifax Harbour.

Both are in constant state of repair/maintenance with the exception of the winter months,
thus the 'spot-painting' which looks like 'army issue'!

I used to drive my grandmother to bingo and every time we 
drove over the bridge and then around and under it,

she would get confused and ask what bridge that was!
It used to crack me a good way.

This bridge spans the inner harbour near Bedford Basin.(click)

As Ron was driving across the other day I was having fun

snapping away at the two towers.

The MacKay Bridge is 1.2 km long (.77 mi.).

Each tower is 96 m. (315 ft) from water to top.

The road deck at centre span is 55.2 m (181.21 ft.).

This bridge is only for cars and trucks. No pedestrians or cyclists are permitted.

Enjoy the ride? Hope you weren't afraid of heights!

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