Thursday, January 28, 2016

Water Water Everywhere

Getting to water is always easily done in Nova Scotia.
Since it is almost an island, except for a small strip of land
between it and its neighbouring province, New Brunswick,
in less than an hour you will find the ocean.
And even less if you live near a shore, as we do.

On Tuesday we went to an area that is east of Halifax and Dartmouth,
in a community called Eastern Passage....which has it's own fishing village.

Where there are fish, there are gulls.....and lots of them.

You can see Halifax in the background which is having a construction boom
as the cranes indicate in the downtown area.
In the foreground is the fishing plant in Eastern Passage.

This beautifully rusted-out structure is sitting quietly in the dune grass.

Here is the fishing village in the distance.
It is a thriving tourist attraction in the summertime.

You can see Ron and Sophie up ahead on the boardwalk.
There is a beach to the right which Sophie loves
but the tide was very high and therefore no room to run.

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