Thursday, January 28, 2016

Water Water Everywhere

Getting to water is always easily done in Nova Scotia.
Since it is almost an island, except for a small strip of land
between it and its neighbouring province, New Brunswick,
in less than an hour you will find the ocean.
And even less if you live near a shore, as we do.

On Tuesday we went to an area that is east of Halifax and Dartmouth,
in a community called Eastern Passage....which has it's own fishing village.

Where there are fish, there are gulls.....and lots of them.

You can see Halifax in the background which is having a construction boom
as the cranes indicate in the downtown area.
In the foreground is the fishing plant in Eastern Passage.

This beautifully rusted-out structure is sitting quietly in the dune grass.

Here is the fishing village in the distance.
It is a thriving tourist attraction in the summertime.

You can see Ron and Sophie up ahead on the boardwalk.
There is a beach to the right which Sophie loves
but the tide was very high and therefore no room to run.


  1. I love the rusty thing in the dune grass photo.

    1. I like rusty things, Frances. The colour and texture is what attracts me to these things.

  2. Nova Scotia looks like such a beautiful province. So wish I had taken the opportunity to visit when I still lived in the Northeastern USA.

    1. It is a beautiful province, Mitchell but not unlike any other place which has it's beautiful places.
      We are very closely linked with the Northeastern States especially Massachusetts as most Nova Scotians have relatives there from earlier emigration.

  3. I didn't realize Eastern Passage was that close to Halifax!

    1. It does look closer 'by water', Debra. Actually it is about 35 km by land.

  4. Happy you like this (is more like it!!).


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